Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Surpise!

As part of our Valentine's Day celebration this year, we put together a treasure hunt for the boys with a grand finale! I recorded the very last clue. You may have to turn up the volume on your computer to hear what Jonah is reading -- he's speaking pretty quiet and the echo doesn't help (I know, I on the walls would help that!). If you still can't make it out, just scroll down and read the text below.

(written by Tyler...that man can rhyme!)

Once upon a time in a house that was small,
There lived a little brother who wasn't yet tall.
Inside his white pillow is said to be found
A treasure so tasty...
Go look around! (...candy for Sam, Vanilla flavored Carnation Instant Breakfast for Jonah...he's a weirdo!)

Now that you know that you're part of this tale
You must find a treasure that you can set sail
Up with the clouds this treasure can fly
But only with help from your Mother and I.
To find the next treasure, hurry and see,
What you can find behind the love tree. (...kites...)

To find your next fortune you must start to think
Where we get water (and I don't mean the sink).
A place that we lather, we rinse, and we scrub,
Hurry and go there! Its down in Mom's tub! (...bubbles...)

For your last and your final treasure today
Go to the room where together we pray
Go into the room where you'll find a warm flame
Sit in the chair where you find your name
Sit there and listen to mom and to me
We have something exciting to tell to you three?

Your Mommy has something inside of her tummy
Not last night's dessert that tasted so yummy
But a brother or sister to be part of our team
Someone to help you to scrub and to clean
A small little baby to love and to cuddle
To teach and to care for and keep out of trouble.
Go tell Mom you're happy and you just can't wait
And tell that darn baby not to be late!

Happy Valentine's Day!