Monday, January 4, 2010

In a Nutshell...

Its January 2010.

And here I am.

Up until now I've let my Facebook status updates do the talking for me. I suppose in many ways, the demands of my life really don't allow for more than the 420 characters in an update -- I, like any working parent, am stretched so thin that remembering to brush my teeth, much less record my inner thoughts, is frequently a battle lost. But apparently, those sporadic Facebook updates are entertaining enough that people continue to request/encourage/nag that I expand those few sentences and provide a bit more gristle-to-chew in blog form. I've maintained a professional blog for quite some time (and when I say "maintain" I mean I post at the once-in-a-blue-moon frequency level), but have resisted launching a personal one. I'm just not one to presume that any sane person would care about what's going on in my life -- how I burned the quesadilla at lunch today, how my kid's tooth fell out while sucking on a pistachio shell, how my husband's car won't start if the temperature outside dips below 35 degrees, or how at the age of 30 I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing (at any given time). I don't find myself all that interesting. I guess in many respects, though, I've got some good material:

I own a floral design company and work mostly with brides...and their mothers. Need I say more? I could stop right there and we'd have the makings for next year's big drama/comedy.

Outside of our busy work schedule, we've spent the past year renovating a house (aka: the Money Pit) in the Salt Lake City/Sugarhouse area. The project was supposed to take 4 months, and we're now going on month 13. We're insanely lucky in that we're not living there while we're renovating, but that experience could also be a blog in itself. Can you say do-over? I wish...

I've been married for 8 1/2 years to my polar opposite. Seriously -- I still wonder how we got together. Or how we're still alive. And not incarcerated.

My kids...well, let's just say they're hilarious. Gut-busting kind of funny. Jonah (currently 6) is brilliant, spirited, "enthusiastic" (his kindergarten teacher's term), and socially awkward (scares other kids with his "enthusiasm"). I can't tell you how many people have asked if he has a mild form of OCD. Nope. He's totally normal -- at least by a psychologist's standards (because we checked). Sam (currently 2), aside from being melt-your-heart-cute (even though he got his mother's nose -- sorry dude!), has a very sly sense of humor. He's also the most deliberately manipulative toddler I've ever seen. (I see politics in his future already.) But like his older brother, he's got a heart of gold...and a memory like a steel trap. Its a good thing Oprah is retiring, because 20 years from now, these boys will be able to tell you every parenting mistake I ever made. And there are many already.

But this blog isn't gauged to be a "family blog." Surely one will be able to keep abreast of our goings-on by reading it simply because that is much of what I have to write about, but I don't see that as its purpose. I suppose the purpose of the blog is to a) get people off my back [and I'm fully aware that the individuals that have demanded I start this blog will be the ones that never read it]; b) completely shatter the illusion that I've "got it together" professionally and personally; c) hopefully propel myself into some sort of stardom, quit my job, and provide for my family through "sponsorships." ...No? In all seriousness, I'm seeing the wisdom in hitting the brakes once and a while. A woman needs something else to think about outside of her many daily responsibilities. While I don't have time to hit the spa, perhaps a little introspection will suffice. That is, of course, providing I take the time to do so.

So that's it. Post #1
Stay tuned. Life on D street can get pretty crazy...

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