Thursday, March 25, 2010

Steve Irwin reincarnate

On the way home from school this afternoon, a random conversation about Little Caesar's Pizza ("why is it pronounced "see-zer" instead of "kay-ee-sar"?) eventually caused us to reflect on a rather large road construction project in our town last summer (because they bull-dozed the Little Caesar's in the process).

Jonah recalled, "Mom? Remember that man with one hand?"

At the largest intersection of this road project stood a man responsible for holding the stop/slow sign. He was missing his left arm. We drove that road a couple times a day, always stopping at his command and offering a friendly wave as we passed by (and by friendly wave, I mean I waved while the boys screamed salutations and practically jumped out of their safety seats). He never failed to nod in return, and when the fall came around and the construction was completed, we were a little sad to see him go.

I told Jonah I did remember that construction worker and he innocently inquired, "How come he only had one arm?"

"Well, I can't be sure. Maybe he was born without it? Maybe he lost it in an accident? Maybe he got really sick and the doctors had to remove it? Maybe--"

"--Maybe he used to hunt crocodiles???"

I suppose that's a valid theory. Considering all the crocodiles we have in Utah...

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  1. Well this certainly shows that as his mother, you have taught Jonah the very real dangers of crocodile hunting.