Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Glimmer of Progress...

Remember these before photos?

Here's where we stand right now:

We've yet to install the subway tile backsplash, the pendant lights over the sink and cooktop, or the exhaust system, it hasn't been painted yet, and we're still waiting on some cabinet doors (for the cabinets that were originally installed in December!), but the bones of the kitchen are at least in place. It probably looks small to most of you, but it feels HUGE compared to the old kitchen, and compared to many of the kitchens in our neighborhood. (Space. It was our biggest compromise, but you just can't beat the location!)

The kitchen is our favorite part of the house. We put a lot of thought and energy into our choices: painted white maple cabinets, single-basin sink, Cambrian black antiqued granite, all Bosch appliances (including a gas cooktop, a convection oven, built-in microwave, and cabinet depth refrigerator...all of which I scored at mind-blowing prices. MIND BLOWING!!!), red oak floor (it was a new install in the kitchen), new window sizes, where to move the plumbing and electrical, etc. Its been the most time-consuming part of the renovation, but obviously provides the biggest impact as far as resale goes.

We've been spending every spare moment at the house, trying to get things completed. At this point, we've got to finish up the kitchen (although I think I'll wait for my sister's visit in May to do the backsplash -- bet you didn't know that, Annie!), finish painting, and install baseboards, new exterior doors, carpet, the workshop's vinyl floor, window coverings, the new fireplace mantle (which I give Tyler permission to not build until we're in), and new bathroom fixtures, and we'll be ready to move. (At which point we have to unpack then start on the outside of the house...yeesh.) But we're hoping another three weeks. It could be four. But let's hope for THREE!

Any and all motivation is sincerely appreciated. We're running on fumes, here...!


  1. gorgeous! and it looks plenty big to me! [maybe i'll buy it from you in 10 years. ha] you will LOVE that one basin sink. i think once you get rid of that divided sink, you can never go back.

  2. It's looking so good! :) The old kitchen was awful and the new one is just lovely. :)

  3. Wow! It's beautiful!! I'm totally with you on the Bosch'll love those.

  4. It looks great, really it does.

  5. HOLY COW - this is absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to see it all in person! When can you come redo MY kitchen?! Love you, Tammy

  6. It has been fun to see the progress of the house. I know the hours spent physical and mental and I am proud of what the two of you (sorry Jonah and Sam) have done.
    Last mile is always the hardest, hold strong and Super Woman Anne will be on her way soon.